Celebrating Africa’s First Internationally Accredited Breast Imaging Centre of Excellence

The American College of Radiology has just recognised a local centre in South Africa as having world-class standards, naming them the first and only Breast Imaging Centre of Excellence in Africa!


A study in Florida found that 30 percent of the breast biopsies there from 2003 to 2008 were surgical. The rate should be 10 percent or less, according to medical guidelines.

Researchers reported Wednesday that mammograms can cut the breast cancer death rate by 26 percent for women in their 40s. But their results were greeted with skepticism by some experts who say they may have overestimated the benefit.

Preventive screening is important to make sure medical conditions are detected early. Discovery Health pays for one mammogram, one Pap smear and one prostate-specific antigen test for each person each year from the Screening and Prevention Benefit. We also cover unlimited HIV screening tests. We cover these tests up to the Discovery Health Rate. Members from the age of 65 and members registered on the Chronic Illness Benefit for certain chronic conditions also have cover for one seasonal flu vaccine from this benefit.

Accessory breast tissue is the most common cause of lumps under one or both arms. It is usually soft and frequently tender especially during a woman’s period. The condition is congenital, although it usually only presents after puberty or even later in life. It is common for these lumps to grow as a person gains weight, or as a woman’s baseline hormone levels change (usually in her 40s). 

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