Useful Information

—For Patients

—Preparation for various examinations:

  1. Ultrasound Abdomen: Starved from night before
  2. Breast biopsy: Aspirin, Warfarin, Heparin stopped (discuss with your doctor)
  3. HSG – date of last menstrual cycle
  4. Amniocentesis – must have blood type result
  5. Swallow in a child – must skip feed prior to study
  6. Child for an MRI - must not eat the morning of the scan as the child will be undergoing an anaesthetic

—Download patient forms

—Decrease waiting times by downloading and filling out the patient information form prior to visit to departments


Call our department ahead of time if you are scheduled for an MRI, CT scan, breast biopsy or fluoroscopy study. We will obtain the necessary authorization from your medical aid, allowing for streamlining of your examination

Bring your

  • Medical Aid card
  • I.D or driver’s license
  • Referral note
  • Previous x-ray films/CDs and reports


  1. We charge medical aid rates for most but not all procedures. Please  enquire at front desk as to the tariff on your procedure
  2. No cheques are accepted
  3. We will issue you with an invoice to send with your medical claim. The medical aid will reimburse you directly.
  4. Medical Aid patients -we accept cash or  credit card as payment or we will submit directly to the Medical Aid 
  5. Private patients  - Immediate payment via cash / credit card /EFT



—For Referring Doctors

How to use our cds

Download referral forms here

—In order for us to obtain authorization, and process your patient’s examination efficiently, please provide a full history, including current complaint, relevant medical history and results of previous investigations.

If you would like a verbal or urgent report on a patient, please indicate so on your referral form

—Please feel free to phone our radiologists directly for advice on the most appropriate radiological studies for your patient.