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23 Jan 2019

Mammography Accreditation

Parklane Radiology has been awarded accreditation in mammography by the American College of Radiology (ACR) read more →

18 Oct 2017


Parklane Radiology is accredited by the ACR as a Breast MRI Facility read more →

9 Oct 2016

Discovery Mammogram Cover

Does Discovery still pay for annual mammograms? read more →

17 Jun 2016

Swellings under the arms - what are they?

Swellings under the arms are usually due to accessory breast tissue read more →

11 Jun 2016

Mammograms - To the doubters

In response to the doubters read more →

5 Jun 2016

Are mammograms dangerous?

Do mammograms cause cancer or make existing cancers grow faster? read more →

11 Apr 2016

MRI Breast

Who should have breast MRI read more →

2 Mar 2016

New Radiologist at Park Lane

Dr Samantha Palliam has joined Parklane Radiology read more →

27 Oct 2015

New Mammogram Guidelines?

Should we pay attention to the new American Cancer Society mammogram guidelines? read more →

13 Apr 2015

Paediatric MRI

Parklane Radiology offers a dedicated MRI service for children read more →