13 Apr 2015

Paediatric MRI

The Park Lane Hospital has a strong paediatric focus, with the largest private neonatal ICU in the country, as well as 12 resident paediatricians.

Our goal is to provide a specialised paediatric imaging service that fulfills the radiology requirements of the hospital and attendant doctors.

Since MRI is the gold standard when it comes to evaluating the brain and spine, we ensured that the appropriate accessories needed to optimally scan children wre part of the MRI suite.

Babies in neonatal ICU are usually admitted on account of prematurity and birth asphyxia (lack of oxygen during a traumatic/prolonged delivery.) Both of these conditions can be associated with brain injuries, and as such an MRI scan of the brain should be performed on most of the ICU babies at some stage.

MRI requires patients to be absolutely still for 20 - 30 minutes. In order to achieve that with babies and young children, it is usually necessary to sedate/anaesthtise them for the duration of the scan. 

With this in mind, we fitted the Parklane MRI unit out with a specialized anaesthetic machine and comprehensive vital signs monitor so that anaesthetics could be done inside the scanner room. We have a weekly anaesthetic list run by an anaesthetist with paediatric experience.

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