9 Oct 2016

Discovery Mammogram Cover

Discovery.pngLetter from Discovery regarding screening benefits


Thank you for contacting us. 

The Screening and Prevention Benefit

Preventive screening is important to make sure medical conditions are detected early and our members get the best care.

We pay for one mammogram, one Pap smear and one prostate-specific antigen test for each person each year from the Screening and Prevention Benefit. We also cover unlimited HIV screening tests. We cover these tests up to the Discovery Health Rate. Members from the age of 65 and members registered on the Chronic Illness Benefit for certain chronic conditions also have cover for one seasonal flu vaccine from this benefit.

These tests must be referred by an appropriate medical professional and you can visits any pathologist or radiologist to have them done.

There are a number of procedure codes that will fund from the Screening and Prevention Benefit; the first code we get each year will fund from the benefit.

Both 34200 and 34100 are on the list of codes that will fund from the Screening and Prevention Benefit; we will fund whichever of these we get first from the Screening and Prevention Benefit.

If you have any more questions, please call us on 0860 44 55 66 or email Healthpartnerinfo@discovery.co.za. Alternatively, you can access the website at www.discovery.co.za



John Smithen 

Discovery Health