Occupational health screening

TB in South Africa

Tuberculosis(TB) remains one of the biggest causes of death and disability in South Africa. It often goes undetected for months or even years whilst the infected patient continues to spread the disease to work colleagues and family. TB in the work place can spread rapidly with devastating consequences. Annual screening x-rays to diagnose TB in a workforce offers a way to look after your employees health and protect your company.

Signs and Symptoms of TB

Patients with TB in the lungs typically complain of a productive cough, weight loss and night sweats. On chest x-ray we are able to identify signs that are typical of TB infection, often before a person even presents with symptoms. We can also evaluate the extent of damage to the lungs


This is predominantly an occupational disease whereby a worker develops a chronic lung illness after years of inhaling silica or coal dust.

Any industry wherein workers are potentially exposed to these inhalants should screen their workers annually with a chest x ray. Our radiologists report these x rays using the International Labor Organization (ILO) protocols.



This is a type of pneumoconiosis as described above. Patients with this disease are at risk of lung fibrosis, severe disability and secondary TB infection


Long-term exposure to asbestos, either in the workplace or home environment, may lead to diseases of the lung lining (pleura) and/or the lungs. The disease of the lungs is called asbestosis and is severely debilitating. These patients are also at risk of pleural and lung cancers. Annual screening can identify early disease and is important when compensation claims are assessed.